History is a tool used to track success and failures. It is used as a tool to benchmark your future successes. You will never be able to erase history. Throughout history, Unspeakable tragedies have transpired all over the globe. Some of those things we have learned from and progressed, there are so many others that we are still learning from.

How can a runner beat his best time? He has to refer back to find out his fastest time and use that as his benchmark for future races.

Symbols from history, reminiscences of history, are always there regardless if you can see them or not. It is your perception of an event that forms who you are and what you choose to do with the information.

What made us who we are today can never be erased. It is a combination of the good, bad and the ugly side of being human. You have heard the term, “history repeats itself.”  We are here to make sure that it doesn’t.  Erasing history does not mean that it will not happen again.  If history is erased, over time all the hardships that previous generation had endured will be forgotten.

All we can do is strive to make sure that the next generation learns from past mistakes and carry our best foot forward to help our fellow brothers and sisters have a better life.  So, when you think of a historic event and you want to erase it, just remember that someone had to live through it.  And for that persons sake, it is worth remembering.