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Friday January 19 , 2018
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It was a long time ago, the age of drive-ins and driving around drinking.  It was a time of young love.  It was a time of going to school and learning about boys.  It was about fun and growing up.

I remember meeting him at the local mall.  He was a little older, had his own car and he was very handsome.  He started coming by my work everyday.  He always had this huge smile on his face.  I guess I had a huge one on mine too.

I always remember thinking, that man cannot walk five feet without getting into some kind of trouble.  And it was a very true statement.  He was young, rebellious, liked to play in a band, he liked to drink, and he loved to drive fast.  It seemed that he didn’t like the cops; he never had a good word to say about them.  But there was one thing; the way we walked down the street together, he was so proud to have me by his side.  I was proud to have him by my side too.  He made me feel safe.  I do believe that if anybody ever messed with me, he would rip them apart.



We’ve all had someone throughout our childhood who has help mold us into the person that we are today.  I have been blessed with a large number of family and friends who are strong- willed and very determined people.

Back in the day, when you did something wrong, an adult would grab a switch from a tree.  Sometimes you even had to go get it for them, and then get hit with it.   That was a time of both good and bad.  It was also a time when someone's word meant something.  A lot of things have changed since then.

The person that stands out most to me is my Aunt Bea.  Her real name was Beatrice, but we all called her Aunt Bea.  Whenever I was around her she would say, “Young’n, you’re my shadow.”    She was the world’s best cook to me.  There would be fresh eggs she got out of the hen house and sausage in the morning with those big fresh tomatoes from her garden.  She would always be in her garden either weeding or gathering what was ready to be eaten.


Who Really Cheats

It seems like everyone wants to know who is more likely to cheat and what the signs are.  Well the plain truth of the matter is that you absolutely have no control over the actions of another person.  They will cheat if they want to.  Whatever they want to do, they will do it.

Don’t take it personally; it's not be your fault.  You probably do everything right in the relationship, but some people just wander.  I say this because we are really just a mixture of animals and energy and when you combine the two you’re talking about spontaneous combustion.  Some people can control it better than others.

It’s an easy out for a lot of people; especially to someone that doesn’t want to put the work needed into building and keeping a relationship.  If there’s an argument or they don’t get their way, that person just might be out on the prowl.  I wish there were more marriages that lasted forever.  Sometimes it feels like we lost the innocence and respect, like chivalry has died.  When was the last time you saw a man open the car door for his wife/girlfriend?  It is not that common anymore.


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