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Friday January 19 , 2018
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Health and Beauty

Love Yourself!

In today's Huffington Post I read an article, by Brittany Gibbons, about body image. To sum it up, it said not to criticize people who are of a fuller stature and to love the body you have. She called this ill treatment, "fat shaming." Attempting to chastise larger people into thinness doesn't work. It's all about respect to people. By no means did the writer intend to say live an unhealthy lifestyle. What she is saying is love YOU no matter how you look and that YOU deserve to be happy.

I feel this is an awesome article because we're all judged based on appearance. Especially women. We all have the right to be happy and feel beautiful at every and any size.  

Gibbons wrote, " I'm healthier and have lost more weight in two years (psst. still a size 16, hope we can still be friends) than I have in my life, because I finally felt like I respected myself enough to be worth it.
Because when we teach people that they have value, that their feelings matter and they have a beauty inside them worth respecting, they begin to believe it. True story.
I'm more active because I'm less afraid to leave my house. I eat less because I have sh*t to do, in cute clothes, no less. I make better food choices because I finally, finally, love and appreciate the body I walk around in. “Every curve and dimple."


Best Information About Risk Factors For Developing Melanoma

Melanoma is that the deadliest kind of Skin Cancer. It is one of the most typical cancers in Australia and most of the deaths will occur at a younger age than most alternative forms of cancer. It usually presents as a coloured spot on the skin that is new or changing. It can arise from an existing mole but the bulk of melanomas really arise from traditional skin. The survival rate from melanoma is directly related to the depth of the melanoma when it is diagnosed. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment is vital.

Whilst the majority of melanoma are caused by sun exposure, around one third are attributed to different factors. Melanomas will occur in children and people with minimal sun exposure and on areas of the body not exposed to the sun. Intense, intermittent exposure to the sun is more closely correlated to the danger of melanoma instead of the overall amount of time spent within the sun. Of course, people with out of doors occupations are at less risk than indoor employees that pay recreational time within the sun on weekends. Alternative risk factors embrace having a massive number of moles (however removing the moles does not cut back risk); honest skin with a bent to burn instead of tan; lightweight eye or hair color and a history of melanoma in an exceedingly close relative. There’s a sturdy correlation between sun exposure before the age of ten, particularly blistering sunburn, and the subsequent risk of melanoma.


REIKI: What It Is, What It Does, Why Try It? Why Learn It?

There are almost as many forms of Reiki as there are practitioners today.  Usui Reiki, which follows the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui, and is today taught and to some extent regulated by the International Center for Reiki, is an ancient practice of stress relief and energy healing “remembered” (read channeled to) by Dr. Usui in the early 20th Century.  The Reiki practitioner is attuned to certain sacred and secret symbols which permit the flow of “Reiki” or universal love energy from the God Consciousness through the practitioner to the client or patient.  Reiki can be performed hands on or hands off and will be equally effective in either form.

The theory behind Reiki is that the God Consciousness or Universal love energy flowing through the practitioner to the patient has its own intelligence and, in conjunction with the unconscious “knowing” of the patient, works where and how it is needed to provide the relief sought.  At its most minimal, a Reiki session will leave the client feeling relaxed and slightly euphoric.  At its most potent, a Reiki session can relieve a client or patient of illness, pain whether physical, emotional or spiritual, or suffering, even of long standing.


The Truth About Six Pack Abs

A six pack is probably one of the body features men desire most these days. Very few men actually achieve this goal, mainly due to not understanding exactly how a six pack is achieved. Getting one is hard to achieve, and it takes a lot of work, but the benefits are plain to see. Not only will you look good, and get a lot of attention from the women, but you will also feel great. This will build confidence, and can improve other areas of your life.

Following the wrong advice can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort. There are many misconceptions around about the best way to achieve a six pack. Probably the most prominent is that doing abdominal exercises over and over will get your good results. This is not true unless you have low enough body fat. Whilst your body fat is too high, your abdominal muscles will never be visible, no matter how many sit ups or other exercises you do. The only way to achieve this is through dieting and performing fat burning exercises. Focusing on just dieting or on cardio based workouts will not be effective; you need to build a routine that uses both of these fat loss methods.


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