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Friday January 19 , 2018
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Top Quality Customer Service

When you call the Customer Service department for any reason, you expect quality service.  Surprisingly there is still lousy customer service still going on today.  There are ridiculous hold times when you call.  And when you do finally get through to a real live person, you are either put on hold or you get lousy service.  Some of the factors that would fall into the lousy service category are; chewing while on the phone, snippy attitude, party in the background, or simply put, no help at all.  You might just get the person that’s more concerned with their co-workers issues than they are with yours.

There are ways to help give you the quality service that you want for your company.  This is your reputation out there; good service makes a huge difference.  You have your Marketing Department doing their marketing to drive business to you and it takes lousy service to drive it away.  What a waste of time and money!

Your training program:  If you don’t have an excellent training program for your CSR’s, you should get one.  A good trainer will also teach how the tone of your voice sets the pace of the conversation.  The trainer should teach each representative the answers to questions that will be asked of them.  You cannot blame a Customer Service Representative if they were not trained properly.  Some of the issues that should be taught are; billing (debits and credits), updating accounts, tracking orders if necessary, transferring calls, the correct hold procedure, entering in orders, explaining everything, and techniques to calm down an irate customer.

The Customer Service Representative should know the departments and the staff so if a call is transferred they will be familiar with who handles that particular area.    The representative should be trained in the proper way to answer a phone call.  Always say “Hello Mr. or Ms. (Last Name).”  Always verify accounts, this is so important.  Role playing in training is vital because you are throwing real issues to the representative to see how they can resolve the issue.  It also builds the representatives self confidence up as they learn how to handle different situations. The Customer Service Representative also must be made aware of repercussions of bad actions.  The Human Resource personnel or their manager can review all of the details with them.

If you already have a trainer in place, make sure they are doing their job.  Monitor them as well as the Representative.  Make sure that you let your Trainer know any new material right away so they can brief the rest of the employees.  If your Trainer is not up to par, your employees won’t be either.  This is especially true if you are running any types of campaigns, so you won’t run into issues when this one started or that one ended.  There might be pricing changes as well.  Everyone needs to be on the same page.

Let your Customer Service Department know what they can and cannot do.  It is very discouraging when you call numerous times and the problem could have been resolved the first time around.  A happy customer does not call back regarding the same issue.

Here are some helpful tips for the representative to know:


Work Ethics

So many women have had countless issues at work.  A lot of women still feel powerless about what to do to remedy the situation, even in this day and age.  Such instances that still exist are sexual harassment, discrimination, co-worker harassment, etc.

We will talk about some of these issues.  First and foremost, all of these issues can cost a company millions of dollars.  There is the possibility of a lawsuit.  There is all of the hours and cost into training an employee.  There is also time off work and loss of production due to the situation.  There are also attorney fees and court fees to contend with.  And lastly, the work environment will never be the same.

The sexual harassment issue is an immediate issue.  You have to let someone in Management know right away once something is said or done. This is either resolved right away or I’m going straight to an attorney, no if, ands or buts about it.  Make sure all of your facts are together and present them to both the Manager or Management team and the HR representative.  They either work to resolve that issue, or you might have to take another course of action.


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