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Friday August 01 , 2014
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I highly recommend Tami Principe’s book, ‘The Green Rabbit’, a book reminiscent of time honored children’s tales interwoven with truths regarding vital safety information - that may one day save your child’s life.  It teaches children in a delightful and entertaining way with the same parenting skills once passed down from parents of old with more time and wisdom on their hands than money; and though today’s parents still care – there’s not always time to teach the obvious.  Tami goes yet one step further, updating ‘warnings’ unknown of in yesterday’s world. ~ John Borgstedt, author of, “I Love You Mom-Please Don’t Break My Heart.”



The Self

Every day there are distractions, some of those are bigger than others.  Some are more important things that need tending to more than others.  The important thing is to take care of them but not get lost in them.  Always remember the self.

The self is being comfortable with who you are and what you stand for.  It means taking time to nourish and appreciate who you are.  It means tending to your souls needs.

On a daily basis you tend to others needs and wants.  Between your career, your spouse, significant other, children, parents and your home, that leaves little spare time for nourishing your soul.

I’ll break it down to three categories, the shadow, body and spirit.


What is War?

What is war?  You would think that this is a relative simple question with a simple answer, but it isn’t.  The answer to that question depends on whom you ask.  If you ask someone who is determined, with all their soul, that they are right and they will prove it.  It is this persons’ simple answer.

If you ask a child the same question the answer gets more complex.  I shake, I run, I’m so afraid, I don’t know in what direction to run, but I run, and I run fast.  I have seen a lot of people that are dead, some are my friends too.  I have seen a lot of blood.  Everything gets broken and ruined.  Everything is so loud.  I have my own gun to fight.


Turn the Page

As the new day dawns, we dream of our accomplishments for the day.  Somewhere in the world a runner reaches the finish line, a baby takes their very first step.  A child stands nervous at the podium; he knows how to spell, but feels intimidated by the crowd.  With outstretched arms and smiles of joy, we welcome family and friends.


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