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Saturday April 19 , 2014
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I highly recommend Tami Principe’s book, ‘The Green Rabbit’, a book reminiscent of time honored children’s tales interwoven with truths regarding vital safety information - that may one day save your child’s life.  It teaches children in a delightful and entertaining way with the same parenting skills once passed down from parents of old with more time and wisdom on their hands than money; and though today’s parents still care – there’s not always time to teach the obvious.  Tami goes yet one step further, updating ‘warnings’ unknown of in yesterday’s world. ~ John Borgstedt, author of, “I Love You Mom-Please Don’t Break My Heart.”



All That You Will Ever Be

All that you will ever be resides in your hands. It does not lie in the person next to you, down the street or anyone else around you.  People, places and things might help to influence what you want to do in your life, but it is ultimately up to you.

All that you will ever be does not lie in yesterday’s experiences, it lies in your tomorrows.  What one person says or does is on their shoulders, it is not to be rested on yours.  You will be, and will have what you desire most in life.

Your path is your own.  You can help others out, but they have their own journey and you have yours.  Free your soul of all unnecessary bonds that will drain you and cause you undo frustrations and aggravation.   Life is so precious and sometimes we take that for granted.  It is usually awakened in us when something devastating happens to someone close to us.


Hope and Encouragement

Hope and encouragement are two things which help hold us together during good times and bad.   For example, you might be hoping to make the diving team.  Once you have made it on the diving team, you might say a few words of encouragement to yourself as you prepare to do a Gainer off the diving board.


What is Your Passion?

We all have a passion for something.  Through time and patience, we have allowed ourselves to experiment with different things and uncover a part of us that finds a sense of joy and accomplishment in our passion.


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