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Friday September 30 , 2016
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My Soulful Journey

The Green Rabbit:  A BOOK ABOUT SAFETY

I highly recommend Tami Principe’s book, ‘The Green Rabbit’, a book reminiscent of time honored children’s tales interwoven with truths regarding vital safety information - that may one day save your child’s life. It teaches children in a delightful and entertaining way with the same parenting skills once passed down from parents of old with more time and wisdom on their hands than money; and though today’s parents still care – there’s not always time to teach the obvious.  Tami goes yet one step further, updating ‘warnings’ unknown of in yesterday’s world. ~ John Borgstedt, author of, “I Love You Mom-Please Don’t Break My Heart.”




We all have a strong voice within us that just wants to be heard and acknowledged by others.  We all have our own opinions about every topic there is.

So, what do you do or say to a friend who has a strong opinion about something that differs from yours?  What do you say when you are not sure about the energy that someone has or where they are coming from?  What do you say when someone tries to involve you in their drama?  Simply say, “That’s interesting, ” or “I understand,” or “Thank you for sharing.”  You are acknowledging what they are saying but you are not agreeing with what they say.  This also allows you some extra time to word things appropriately should the subject be continued.  If the other person is mad or frustrated, by all means let them vent, but if they try and drag you into their drama and expect you to take sides, this little phrase helps because you are acknowledging what they are saying, which you are, but you are not choosing sides.  This gives you the opportunity to express your boundaries to them openly without any defense mechanisms in place.


Each Step

Each step I take is with precision and grace.  I try to not follow others footprints but to make my own.  Though the world beneath my feet may be shaky, I still walk with confidence because I am aware of my capabilities and have a strong sense of self.


Your Authenticity

Here is a powerful mantra that I use daily.  I want to share it with you and break it down a little bit.  If you have anything to add to it that may help someone, by all means please add a comment.  Thank you!


Release Expectations

We all hold others in high regard.  When we give all of our love and devotion, we expect others to live up to the same expectations.  When we call others to catch up or to show our concern, we expect the same when we are going through things as well.


Our Differences

You are different than I am, or should I say that I am different than you are.    This is the one thing that we are so far from seeing and accepting, everyone’s differences.


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